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Thank you again for choosing Old Home inspections to perform your pre-purchase inspection.  Due to my age and underlying medical conditions I am considered “high risk” for complications from COVID19. I have observed that some people are not following the CDC guidelines for social distancing during this pandemic.  This is not intended to be a discussion on the efficacy of those guidelines but only to inform my clients of the changes to my business practices during this time.  

  1. I request that the occupants vacate for the inspection and not meet or interact with them.
  2. I can only inspect multi family or rental homes if tenants vacate for the inspection.
  3. I prefer to do the inspection alone without the clients, agents, appraisers or contractors present.
  4. I compile a through report with photos and after review of the report I can discuss any issues remaining.  I prefer do the inspection debrief over the phone. If that is not possible, I request as few as possible attend and everyone present follow the CDC protocols for distance and masks.

This is not my typical manner of working, as I am normally happy to interact with everyone involved in the buying process. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes but I must operate in this manner for my safety. 

 Thank You for understanding.

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