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Who Offers Radon Testing in Salt Lake City, UT?


It’s scary to think about, but there could be a silent killer inside your house. Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive, odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that has been shown to cause lung cancer. Unfortunately, this health hazard can only be discovered through testing. Old Home Inspection Services LLC offers radon inspection services to determine if dangerous levels of radon are present in your home. If they are, we’ll recommend mitigation services to eradicate the problem.

Radon testing is $150 and takes 2 days to sample the air in the home. This pricing takes into account the return trip to retrieve the device after the two days. I use Sun Nuclear 1027 instant read devices for this test. I receive the result as soon as the test is complete. Some systems require an outside lab analysis. These are expensive pieces of equipment requiring regular calibration and testing to maintain.

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radon testing3 FACTS ABOUT RADON

We calibrate our testing equipment to industry standards and use it in your home for 48 hours. We’ll provide a report immediately after the test is completed. Some of the facts you should be aware of regarding radon include:

  • Children have a higher health risk than adults

  • The only way to determine if radon is present is by testing

  • Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer

Don’t worry about the health risks you can’t see or smell. Call 801-244-4547 today to test the air quality of your home.



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