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Our home inspection pricing starts at $350 for a condo, but each job is priced independently based on the specifics of your property. Old Home Inspection Services also provides expertise with older homes and historic properties. Our qualified and knowledgeable inspector does everything on his phone and sends you the report as a PDF file by email within 24 hours.

The test for mold, meth, sewer camera and radon are priced separately and not part of the home inspection fee. The pricing is as follows:
Radon testing is $150 and takes 2 days to sample the air in the home. This pricing takes into account the return trip to retrieve the device after the two days. I use Sun Nuclear 1027 instant read devices for this test. I receive the result as soon as the test is complete. Some systems require an outside lab analysis. These are expensive pieces of equipment requiring regular calibration and testing to maintain.
Meth testing is $150 and takes 4 days to process at a certified lab. The pricing includes the lab fee and the travel to their site to hand deliver the sample the day of test. These can be expedited for additional lab fee.
Mold testing is $250 and takes 4 days at the certified lab. This tests is a comparative analysis of the airborne mold spores (type and count) inside the home vs. outside the home. The pricing includes the purchase of the sample canisters, the processing of each (minimum of 2) at the certified lab, and the hand delivery of the samples. These can be expedited for an additional lab fee.
A Sewer Scope is $225 and is done at the time of the inspection. This is an internal camera inspection of the main sewer line to the street to look for cracks, offsets, low sections (belly) or other problematic issues.
I don’t do lead paint testing on old houses as it is not necessary. One must assume that lead paint is present, test or not, as no testing (within a reasonable cost) is technically exhaustive to say the house is truly free of lead paint. My engineering background guides me here. If I can’t perform a test and be fairly confident in the results I am providing, I won’t do the tests. I think it is just taking people money. You must assume there is lead present as any home before the 1970s used lead paint. No one strips this or removes it and the lead is in the paint layers of every old house. What I will report on are the conditions that could liberate the lead primarily peeling paint and general paint condition. If any renovations are planned one must take proper precautions to control the dust and scaping of the paint

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Real estate transactions are some of the biggest deals you'll ever conduct in your lifetime. When you're buying or selling a property, you need to have as much information about the home as possible. Old Home Inspection Serivces LLC gives you all the details by telling potential buyers about any existing problems or letting sellers know what they should fix before listing it on the market.

During our home inspection, we'll check a variety of items, including:

  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Appliances
  • HVAC

We also use thermal imaging during our home inspections to determine the presence of moisture or other issues that could be lurking behind walls and ceilings. Get the information you need to know by scheduling a home nspeciton in the Salt Lake City or Park City, Utah area.



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