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There are a number of compelling reasons to get a home inspection for every real estate transaction:

As a potential Buyer:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Full knowledge of the true condition of the property to assess the affordability of the home
  • Identify future problems so they can be budgeted for
  • Identify deferred maintenance items to keep the home in safe and sound condition

As a Seller:

  • Identify the needed maintenance and repair items that could trip up the sale
  • Develop a strategy to remediate major problems found with the home such as a foundation or structural concern
  • Demonstrate to the potential buyers your good faith efforts to provide them a safe and sound home

As a real estate agent:

  • Assure due diligence in the real estate transaction
  • Provide your clients with more information that the sellers disclosure cannot provide
  • Maintain your good reputation by thorough identification and mitigation of problems before the client has taken possession of the home
  • Maintain your objectivity in the home selection process