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  • Complete inspection and functional testing of all major elements and systems
  • Radon screening
  • Prompt service
  • Super system access key
  • Rapid report generation via e-mail
  • Competitive fees
  • Defined rating methodology
  • Creation of “custom” inspection plans to suit historic or unusual properties
  • Accept Visa/MasterCard
  • Facilitated to work with out-of-area clients and/or relocation companies

What is an “Old Home” Property Inspection?

  • A complete and un-biased evaluation of a property’s structure, systems, site placement, drainage and overall condition of the major elements of the home
  • Functional testing of all systems
  • Inside and outside inspection of all crawl spaces and attics to reveal any hidden problems
  • A review of over 200 inspection elements
  • A well-written and thorough report for each property including specific comments and/or observations unique to each home
  • Conformance of the report to the recognized industry standards
  • A description of the unique features of the property
  • An accurate description of any major inspection findings with recommend solutions as applicable
  • A summary of any minor repair and maintenance items with recommend solutions as applicable
  • A personal narrative of the report with the clients, on site, at the subject property

What an "Old Home" Property Inspection is not.

  • An Old Home Inspection is not a list of items to get the seller to repair; homes in good condition are reported as such.
  • An Old Home Inspection is not a “canned” report generated from pre-printed forms
  • An Old Home Inspection is not a reason to generate any unnecessary minor findings to justify the inspection fee.

View a Sample Report (1,722 kb PDF)